Why Baru Island?

Situated at about thirty kilometres of Cartagena de Indias by boat, Baru Island is a dream place on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Mostly known from Playa Blanca which is considered as one of the nicest beaches of the region, Baru Island owns a great potential. The government of Colombia is conscious of its potential so a mega project is in development to create a worldwide renowned site.

Whether you desire come and pass vacations in Baru or come and live or come and take your retirement, you’ll be amazed by this region. Here are a couple of advantages concerning the island of Baru:


Water attraction and protected zone

Around Baru, you can observe coralline reefs with a great diversification of multicolour fishes and numerous underwater gardens are spectacular. This protected zone makes part of the National park of the Rosario islands and San Bernardo.

White sanded beaches and turquoise sea

The beaches are staggering with its white sand and turquoise water where you can come and rest under the sun. Its calm and crystal waters bring relaxing possibilities, water activities and nautical leisure such as scuba or underwater diving.

Natural and virgin environment

Baru has a certain number of natural environments that makes it one of the most important place to see in Colombia. With nice white beaches, coast mangroves, coral reefs, unique sea bird colonies and plants all around it.

Bays and water canals

Many bays and water canals are present on the island of Baru and all around easing the navigation on the sea and also the development of important projects. Live and take a retirement in Baru is a desire for many people.


Map of Baru Island

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