Contact us and our coordinates

Address :

Bario Crespo, calle 70, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
Telephone : (57) 5 690-7521      Mobile : (57) 315 826-1104


Responsibles :

Claude Lasanté

Diana Arellano Turizo


Our realization

Owner of many businesses and Websites allowing receiving millions of visitors each year and therefore generating important publicity incomes on Internet.

We have a book publishing house and Website in Canada that publishes around fifteen books a year from unknown writers in order contributing to the cultural development of Canadians and other French population.

We also create around ten Websites per year with entrepreneurs desiring to offer products and services answering at a true demand from people.


Our Websites:

-  : Book and poem publishing

-  : Tours and excursions in Cartagena

-  : Plane piloting formation

-  : Handmade occasion cards

-  : Website creation and marketing

Who are we?

We are a family business made of Canadians and Colombians that has a great experience in popular Website creations as well as business creations.

We perfectly communicate in French, Spanish and English to allow us to efficiently communicate with people.