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  • Healthcare for tourists
If you’re searching for a peaceful place to live or take your retirement, Baru Island is an option to consider.
  • Real estate
  • Health centers
  • Recreational clubs
  • Transport and distribution
  • Communication and technology
Independent people and entrepreneurs are at the base of the wealthy economy and Baru offers incredible opportunities
  • Business plam
  • Market study
  • Website and visibility
  • Promotion and advertising
  • Customer management

Baru Island

Baru Island close to Cartagena in Colombia is a fast developing place and by 2010, it will become a paradise for your dream vacations, an excellent place to live peacefully and a privileged place to create important projects.

To make knowledge of Baru to the world, there must be a powerful information tool and Internet is by far, the fastest and most popular. But people of Colombia don’t use Internet with efficiency yet like North America so by consequence, they limit themselves with a small local market with one language or simply with nothing at all.


Website creation

Our business, Canadian and Colombian, offers free website creation services to publish and promote on Internet businesses, dealers, professionals, investors and promoters who desire present their affairs to join qualified customers and therefore contribute to the development of Baru in accord with the government of Colombia.

Visibility and popularity on the Internet

However, having a Website isn’t a guaranteed success if the creation is narrowed only to having a nice look and useless special effects. There must also have a relation work and add a quality textual content in order to increase its visibility over the Internet which comes from an advantageous positioning in search bots according to keywords used by your potential customers in their own language.

Customer management and other language

Obtaining a large amount of visitors or customers coming from your Website is evidently the dream of each person or business. However, the costs of management are so expensive and usually customers communicate in another language. Visit our customer management section for a profitable solution to all.

Actualities and information

Mega Baru projet 

November 1st, 2009. The government of Colombia is targeting the Island of Baru close from Cartagena in order to develop the touristic expansion of Colombia. Baru project

Map of Baru (zoom)